Arable Farmers – Southern Water Trial Opportunity – July 2022

Southern Water is offering a limited number of farms the opportunity to get access to and support with a new decision making tool: ‘Skippy Scout’.  Skippy Scout utilises drones to take high resolution images of a field, which is then automatically compiled into a field report, including:

  • Crop establishment; emergence, tillering, etc
  • Green Area Index (GAI)
  • Problem areas for weeds
  • Insect damage and disease


Watch this video (Graham Potter Monitors His Crops with Drones – Skippy Scout) of an arable farmer from Yorkshire’s experience with Skippy Scout.  Southern Water is supporting farmers with trialling this system as more accurate data and better informed management decisions will improve efficiency and targeting of inputs.

We are seeking up to four farms to volunteer for this trial, which will involve working closely with their agronomist.  Farms chosen for the trial will be provided with a drone, training and ongoing technical support.

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