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What is a Farmer Cluster?

Farmer clusters are groups of farmers brought together by shared interests, working collectively to benefit soil, water and wildlife at a landscape scale.

Why join a Farmer Cluster?

There is increasing recognition that collaborative working in a geographic area can achieve more than working in isolation, i.e. the sum of the group is greater than its parts!

Farmer clusters are a great forum for sharing best practice, and for trialling innovative farming techniques. The group will set its own programme of learning events and workshops – all of which are free to members. A farmer cluster can help signpost to funding opportunities, or shape future funding policy from organisations like Defra. Becoming part of a farmer cluster also looks set to be a crucial element to accessing future grants for ‘public goods’, through the new Environmental Land Management scheme (ELMS).  

Kent Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Southern Water, are working directly with the farmers in the Upper Beult catchment via the establishment of a long term Farmer Cluster to help farms protect and improve water quality, soil health and biodiversity.  Members of the cluster will be able to help shape and inform a future catchment scheme and members will be prioritised for funding when the schemes are launched.

Objectives of the Upper Beult Farmer Cluster

The objectives of the Upper Beult Farmer Cluster can be tailored to its members’ needs, but the overarching aims of the group are to:

  • Support efficient, sustainable farming practices at a landscape scale.

  • Protect and improve water quality in the River Beult, particularly from pesticides.

  • Improve habitat connectivity and biodiversity across the cluster.

By becoming a member, you will agree to contribute to the aims of this cluster and to, where possible, work collaboratively with other participating farms.

Membership Form