Drought in Kent – August 2022

This month drought has officially been declared for Kent and it has meant some really challenging times for everyone, especially farmers.

So many elements of farming businesses are affected by this so I wanted to share this advice page from the NFU (Dry weather information and advice – NFUonline) in case any information may be of help. There was also this really interesting piece on the NFU website called Adverse weather, water and flooding toolbox (Adverse weather, water and flooding toolbox – NFUonline). The content has some links to really helpful web pages that might be useful, especially as we approach a potentially wetter season!

Hot and Dry Weather: Temporary Support for Farmers in 2022

For any farms currently in a Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier, Mid-Tier agreement, temporary adjustments have been made to some option specifications because of the ongoing drought. The countryside stewardship options involved are:

  • AB1, AB8, AB13, AB15
  • BE1, BE2
  • GS1, GS2, GS5, GS10  
  • OP4
  • SW1, SW2, SW3, SW4, SW7, SW8


For anyone in remaining ELS, OELS or HLS agreements, there are also derogations available. These can all be found with detailed notes on the temporary modifications here.

CSF also has funding available for rainwater harvesting goods: guttering and downpipes, water storage tanks and piping and troughs. Please enquire for more information of what’s available and where.

If anyone has any questions about these, or other stewardship options which are in difficulties because of the drought, please get in contact.

Trayton Pont – Catchment Sensitive Farming Advisor

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