Regenerative Agriculture with Tim Williams

We were delighted to welcome Tim Williams at the 2nd Cluster meeting. Tim talked about his experience in regenerative agriculture and discussed rebuilding soil health.

In his talk, Tim mentioned some key texts, so here’s Tim’s top titles – with a little note on what to expect:

• Dirt to Soil – Gabe Brown; provides a good insight into the basics of regen ag, a good starting point.

• The Call of The Reed Warbler – Charles Massey; discusses the journey toward a regenerative future and the link between soil & human health.

• The Secret Network of Nature: The Delicate Balance of All Living Things – Peter Wohlleben; the gist is in the title.

• Grass, Soil, Hope: A Journey Through Carbon Country – Courtney White; discusses the power of carbon positive farming.

• For The Love of Soil – Nicole Masters; quite technical, a very good handbook/reference for regen ag.

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