The Upper Beult Farmer Cluster has organised many events and workshops on a range of topics pertinent to farming in the Low Weald.

Below are some of these resources, including recorded webinars,
downloadable documents and links to useful websites.


Between 30-45 mins long, these webinars were recorded as part of our online meetings for the Farmer Cluster. The recordings have been edited to remove the introductions and Q&A, leaving very useful presentations from a wide range of speakers.

A Short History of the River Beult – a talk from Alice Trickey (35 mins).

Alice Trickey is a blue badge tour guide and storyteller, she lives near the River Beult in Headcorn, and was invited to talk to the Farmer Cluster about some of the history linking the River Beult to the wider landscape of the Low Weald.

Reducing pesticide use on Farms – a talk from arable Farmer Peter Lundgren (40 mins).

Peter Lundgren discusses his findings from his 2018 report he wrote for Friends of the Earth on sustainable farming and reducing pesticide use.

A journey to Agroecological Farming – a talk from Essex Farmer George Young (40 mins).

George farms 1,200 acres in Fobbing, South Essex. He has developed a 10 year plan for diversifying income and building resilience into his farm. In this webinar he shares with us why he is pursuing this route and his vision for the future.

Integrating livestock into the arable system – a talk from Dr. Liz Genever, formerly AHDB Beef and Sheep consultant (45 mins).

Liz outlines why using livestock within a rotation is essential for building soil carbon. Liz talks about how this can be measured, monitored and improved, and why a mixed farming future is key to healthy profitable farming in the future.

Measuring, Managing and Valuing Soil – a talk from Becky Wilson of the Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit (45 mins).

Becky Wilson provides insight into soil health , how to define it and what it means in terms of natural capital. The webinar covers how to measure soil health and how to improve it.

Marketing your Farm Direct to the Consumer – a talk from Jill Sargent of Produced in Kent.

Jill Sargent joined ‘Produced in Kent’ in 2006 and is passionate about all things Kentish. Jill gives great insight into effective ways to market your farm offerings direct to the public.

A Natural History of Turtle Doves in the Low Weald – a talk from Wilding Ecologist Kirsty Swinnerton (30 mins).

Kirsty has worked on numerous conservation projects, including saving the rare pink pigeon on Mauritius, now she is turning her head to the UK and Turtle Doves. She gives us an insight into their natural history, especially in relation to the Low Weald.

Healthy Hedgerow Management – a talk from Megan Gimber of the People Trust for Endangered Species (50 mins).

Megan is a self confessed hedge fanatic, here she outlines why hedges are so vital for both productive farming and as a refuge for wildlife. She leads us through a hedge lifecycle and how best to manage hedges for the future.

Website Links

Through the course of working together as a cluster, many links are shared to other interesting projects or sources of information on food, farming and wildlife.

Below are a list of some particularly useful websites we have come across:-

Dung Beetles for Farmers

Habitat Regeneration

The Barn Owl Trust

AHDB – Knowledge Library

Healthy Hedgerows Survey

Farming for Wildlife

Drinking Water Standards

Making Meadows

Land Management Schemes


Below you can find some useful extra reading on a range of subjects covered by the Farmer Cluster.

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